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What to feed

Why can not you give a cat food that you eat ?
First of all, we should once and for all to remember one thing , imposed on us by advertising, but this is not becoming less important : to feed cat food to your table is strictly prohibited! Cats can not be much of that , and people are not particularly useful, and animals, and even more so :

• fried
• salt
• marinated
• sweet
• smoked
• spices

If the cat will always eat food from your table , it can cause problems with the liver , pancreas , kidneys , stomach and intestines. It is treated very long and require large investments , not to mention the fact that the healing process is very traumatic to the psyche of both the animal and its owner.

Professional food and natural food .

Which is better for your pet food - prepared food or natural food ? Neither veterinarians , breeders or cats until they came to the unequivocal conclusion that it is better , so you have to take the decision themselves, based on the time you have available , and those funds that are willing to spend on feeding the cat.
If time is short, then the best option - a good ready-made food , where all chosen to ensure full feeding .
If you want to give your pet the joy of a variety of food - feed a natural diet , but remember that the compilation of the menu for cats requires careful balancing , and not always feed natural food will be cheaper than a good commercial feed .
Do not mix the finished fodder and natural food , as this leads to a strong imbalance of cats entering the body of nutrients.
The illness the best food for cats - it's chopped chicken breast , mixed with congee .

How to choose a ready-made food ?

Any cat owner should remember - good food will never cost less than 250 to 300 rubles per kilogram. On the market there are several large classes of feed :
Economy Class (Kitekat, Darling, Whiskas, Katinka, Friskies , etc.). Cost up to 150 rubles per kilogram, are being actively marketed , replete with numerous additives to enhance flavor , coloring , etc. Made mostly of offal - entrails , bones , skin, feathers. As a rule, differ only in the taste - fish , beef, chicken, etc. For very little money you get the product of appropriate quality . Cases when the cats are constantly sitting at the stern of economy class, had to be treated for kidney stones and others . In addition, because of flavorings (usually catnip , valerian analogue ) cats become " addicted " , acknowledging only cheap food and no more , because of what the transition to a healthy diet requires a very great effort.
The middle class (Perfect Fit, Cat Chow , etc.). Standing, from about 150 to 250 rubles per kilogram, are rarely advertised , flavor is there, but in relatively small amounts. Not only are the flavors , but the purpose - the usual , for the prevention of kidney stones , for forcing wool. However , inside you 'll find the same by-products, but more than good quality. Give such food can be , but it is better not to abuse them - give long and only if there is not an alternative .
Premium and super -premium class (Hill's, Pro Plan, Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Nutro Choice , etc.). Cost between 250 and above rubles per kilogram, almost not advertised , do not contain flavorings and colorings. Made from meat and cereals (eg rice) . You can feed them all the time, they contain everything you need cat.
Since the feed super -premium is not ( should not be) flavorings , your cat may well give it up , especially if fed before food economy class or natural food . It is best to first take " on trial " a small amount of the new food and give the cat his " test ." Also, I advise to monitor the state of the cat - vomiting , diarrhea , itchy skin indicates that it this diet is not suitable ( this can happen even with the rulers of highly prepared feeds ) , and should be replaced.
Feed the cat's health is best 2-3 times a day. Sick - often in small portions .

Dry or wet food ?

Dry food suitable animals that have health problems and drink plenty of water (three times more than was eaten dry feed) . Canned food is suitable for almost everyone - but remember that you should not buy dented cans in the bank and open a bank should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than a day .
Fasted room temperature. Always check the expiration date - how to dry food and canned food on . Do not buy dry food for weight - if a package with food stands open for a long time , he loses many of the properties . If you feed your cat dry food , you take care of that , so she always has access to water.

How to balance the natural food ?

The basis of cat food should be meat. But because meat contains a large number of proteins that are absorbed almost completely, to ensure a good chair should be given cereals and dairy products . Here is a list of recommended natural food for cats :
Meat. Beef , poultry, offal ( hearts , gizzards , chicken necks ) . You can feed raw meat ( peremorozhennym in t- minus 20) , but first it must be scalded with boiling water and boil for 1-2 minutes - to avoid toxoplasmosis infection and worms . Fat meat is better not to give. Bones - all the more so as pieces of bone can injure the cat digestive tract or clog it - then the animal can not avoid surgery. Skin from poultry should be separated - it is not digested by the body cat . The meat is cut two pieces of approximately two centimeters . Remember that it is impossible to give a cat liver .
Fish . Contrary to the opinion of many , the fish is not the best food for the cat. You can sometimes give the favorite " eat " raw fish , but this should be used for only low-fat varieties - haddock, cod, pollock . Be sure to separate all the bones and skin.
Cereals . Buckwheat and rice . Cook for a long time and a lot of water . The cat was eating cereal , mix it with the meat in a proportion of 2/3 meat, 1/3 grains.
Fermented foods . Without fail every day to give a cat milk products . Cats love cheese ( fat-free or can be given to 9 % fat) , yogurt ( 1-1.5 % fat , preferably not very fresh, because the cat can purge ) , yogurt (without fruit or other additives) . Very rarely allowed to give low-fat sour cream (10 % fat) and fermented baked milk . Milk cats categorically.
Vegetables . You can give carrots , zucchini , cucumbers , cabbage , green salad - all soggy. I can not - potatoes , sweet vegetables and fruits.
Vitamin supplements . The cat has received all required her vitamins, minerals and taurine ( it is not produced by the body cat , but also vital for maintaining vision in order) , give her a vitamin feeding. You can also put the house special pot for cats - it provides an additional intake of vitamins and helps burp accidentally swallowed wool.

For an optimal balance of natural food therein must not be less than 2/3 proteins.