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The first days of a kitten in the house

Before you buy a kitten , you need to answer yourself a few questions to answer as honestly - are you ready for what to make baby? Do you have the time to do a kitten , play, educate him , to carry to the doctor? Are you willing to spend money to kitten in no need ? Kitten , too, baby, cat only . If all of these questions you can answer positively firmly - well , a kitten can be sure - he was in good hands .
And you brought a kitten home. Now it is not only your , but also his home, where he has to be comfortable, relaxed and comfortable. And as important - you , then take care about the convenience of a kitten will have for you.
Brought the house kid , usually confused and even scared. Of course! Just a few hours ago he had a house , and there was my mother , and now he was in the hands of a stranger , and even in an unfamiliar place . There is something to get worked up and scared. It may seem strange, but now his mother - you . So you and cards in hand - to soothe, nurture , teach wits . If you originally were ready for the responsibility , then all you need is already done - there are dressing lotochek for the baby , and toys , and brushes for fur , and , just in case - first aid kit.
In your joint life comes with a kitten is very important , the very first time - the period of adaptation to a small defenseless animal yours, yet strange and terrible apartment. It is important at this time to have a kitten once had a cozy corner - with stove bench , tray and bowl of water and food. It is necessary that the kitten immediately realized the purpose of all these things and remember where they are located , or in an unfamiliar environment , he can get lost and not find a tray of water , food, couches . Note - the corner in which endeared your kitten should not be in the draft - little kittens are very easy to catch a cold .
Try to take the kitten in the house before the weekend or during the holidays, so that at least a couple of days to spend with him, but do not throw the baby immediately to fend for themselves . First, it will just be lonely and uncomfortable without a mother , and secondly, education should begin from the very first minute. In addition , the kitten soon get used to you and realize that his boss is you , if in difficult times you will be together .
During the adaptation period, the animal as possible , pay more attention. Remember that kitten - the same child , he needs the warmth , kindness and be sure to play . Kittens are by nature very mobile , so do not be lazy to play with the kitten in a small ball or anything else . It is important that the kitten amused , no longer afraid , has received positive emotions.
Of course, the game kitten can drop something - a cup , flower pot , glasses. Do not scold your pet . It is much better to take care of that for the baby were not available valuables or dangerous items for himself .
Close attention should be paid to the windows. Once the kitten to learn, he'll begin to explore all around, including the windowsills . And if the window is open - the kitten may fall out . Therefore, it is better to tighten the window netting.
Garbage should also not be available for a kitten, there he may get caught small bones and other sharp objects , plastic bags, smelling meat or fish - the kitten could choke . In addition, represent a serious danger to cats , many indoor plants, including such popular as violets , cacti, difembahii , geranium .
Electric wires as possible from the kitten should also be hidden. Kitten playing them will be interesting , and bite through the wire, it will inevitably receive an electric shock. The same is true of needles , pins , nails and other things - hide them away . Out of pure curiosity cat wants to chew them , and this can result in very sad.
With all of this does not limit the freedom of a kitten. Let it slowly and carefully inspects his new home , inch by inch , room by room. Indeed, in this house, he has to live life . It should not be missed every minute kitten in his arms . Though the baby and need tenderness , but also need personal time , too - for new discoveries. So just keep an eye on a kitten to avoid hassles.
If you already have a cat or cats, they can be taken to the new tenant is not completely loyal to even begin to hurt his feelings . There is a little trick that might be useful. A cloth wipe her cat - an old-timer , and then the same cloth pat kitten. Senior cat will not touch the kid who has the same smell.
Oddly enough, but with dogs kittens are added much more cordial relationship . As a rule, dogs show aggression to young kittens , but are rather curiously.
Separate conversation about nutrition. Be sure to find out to what used to feeding your kitten , or you can dramatically change the products , the amount of servings - and cause harm to the kitten . In a sudden change of diet the baby tummy ache may , there can be problems with the chair . To power a small kitten should be treated as carefully as a breast- feeding a baby. And, of course , keep the water in a small bowl was always clean and fresh - the kitten to drink plenty. It is also important to eat the kitten could in peace and quiet , as it does not disturb anything .
It is important not to scare the little newcomer in the early days . Try not to include beside him terribly humming vacuum cleaner , loud hair dryer , drill, food processor . Sami watch the volume of your voice - do not cry kitten 's ear , especially - do not abuse it so that the neighbors could hear . So you can permanently lose the trust and friendship of a kitten.
Cats - very independent , proud. While in the early days of communication you will not be able to win the trust and love of a kitten , then the important animal that will grow out of it , there will be devoted to you with all my heart . So do not be lazy , you need to give your child time to show your love for him and really take care of him . Only in this way , in fact , you can prove that you are worthy of love an animal, it does not become condemning and strict master, but a true friend , with whom the cat is nice and peaceful life.

What to get before you buy a kitten ?
Before you go for a kitten, you need to buy the most necessary things without which it would not exist baby in your home :

• Ceramic bowls for food and water . Pottery enough gegienichna and easy to wash . In total it is necessary to have three bowls - wet feed, dry and water. A bowl of water should be chosen deeper.
• Dressing tray with curved inside edges. If the edges of the pot will not be bent inwards , then with vigorous instillation of filler will be partially sleep on the floor.
• Scoop with holes for the cleaning of the toilet solid waste
• The filler for the toilet. In nurseries usually provide its graduates with little filler familiar , but not necessarily - it is better to phone the breeder and find out in advance whether this is so , and what little one is used to. We use lumps of filler Ever Clean.
• Carrying .
• Cat food - as well as a filler - it is better to know in advance what the baby fed from a breeder . Giving your kids, we will attach to it "instruction" on maintenance and feeding .
• Toys - little rag arm , ball, " mahalku " with feathers .

Here, perhaps, the most essential things you need to buy a house directly before 'll take the kitten to her.
In the early days, until the kitten used to the new place , it is better to allocate to it in one corner of the room and put all close - lotochek with the filler bowl with water and feed as well as a toddler can " get lost " and did not find lotochek at the right time . However, do not move up the food and water too close to the toilet , so that the particles of the filler during spirited " landfill " did not fly into the food.