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Than to get before buying a kitten?

Than to get before buying a kitten?

Before following a kitten, you need to buy the most necessary things without which existence of the kid in your house will be impossible:

• Ceramic pans for food and water. The ceramics is rather hygienic and it is easy to wash it. In total it is necessary to have three bowls. For a damp forage, for dry and for water. The pan for water should be chosen deeper.

• Toilet tray with the edges bent inside. If edges of a pot aren't bent inside, at a vigorous instillation the filler will partially get enough sleep on a floor. But it is most convenient – the closed toilets, such our kids at us in nursery use.

• Scoop with holes for cleaning from a toilet of solid waste.

• Filler for a cat's toilet. Modern fillers don't allow to extend to unpleasant smells, are rather economic, and cats quickly get used to them. We use комкующийся Ever Clean filler.

In nurseries usually give to the graduates of a little habitual filler, but it isn't obligatory – better to phone to the factory owner and to learn in advance to what the kid got used.

• Carrying for a cat.

• – as well as with a filler – it is better to learn a cat's forage in advance, than the kid fed at the factory owner. Giving the kids, we surely attach to them "instruction" on the contents and feeding. (We use a forage a class Royal Canin premium).

• Kogtetochka. The first and main toy which will allow you to breathe sigh of relief. The ordinary kogtetochka represents a rack with the shelves, twisted with ropes (we don't advise to buy the plates fitted by a dense matter as shows experiment, kittens don't use them). The kitten with pleasure will tear it claws, and you – silently to rejoice that such fate managed to be avoided to your property.

•  Balls.  One of favourite cat's toys, love to which remains at an animal for the rest of life.

• Makhalki is plumelets or balls on sticks – a means of communication of a kitten and the owner, the tool for friendship and mutual understanding emergence, besides, the excellent exercise machine for a kitten, after all movement for it is a basis of health.

• Clockwork mice and other.

For cats it is possible to find the mass of entertainments in pet-shops. Don't buy at once many toys. Except a kogtetochka without which not to do, get still a two-three and on it while calm down. Further you buy for the favourite yet one toy, and for the kid of three it is quite enough.

• Cats, as we know, walk in itself. It should be noted that they and sleep where to them will like. But, if you want that in the house the kitten had the corner, it is possible to get a stove bench. As a rule, cats like to sleep or hold an observation post on a high position so low located lodges or stove benches don't enjoy at the cat's people popularity. Consider it upon purchase and give preference to those designs where the plank bed is located not lower than a meter from a floor. Probably, it really will be pleasant to the new resident, and he will sleep on it.

Here, perhaps, the most necessary things which need to be bought in the house how you will take away a kitten to yourself.

In the first days while the kitten didn't get used to a new place, it is better to allocate to it a corner in one room and to put everything nearby – a tray with a filler, bowls with water and a forage as the kid can "be lost" and not find a tray at the right time. However, don't move up food and water too close to a toilet that parts of a filler during vigorous "instillation" didn't fly to food.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was absolutely right - we in the answer for those whom tamed. Therefore very seriously treat appearance of the new family member. This fluffy lump needs not only attention, but also purely practical care. To live in your house to it it has to be pleasant, comfortable, it surely has to have all necessary. Reflect on it before getting a kitten, instead of after when all this already is required. So you will be able to make the new friend rather happy, to provide him full existence, health and good mood. And the kitten wholly will pay back with the heat and love to the owner for care.