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Parenting kitten

So, you have decided to get a cat or house cat , selected and purchased a kitten. Of course, you want your pet has been playful and affectionate. Therefore it is very important to raise a kitten.
Nurturing a kitten should start from an early age. The most important bases of education laid the kitten under the age of six months.

In the first place for the education of a kitten is very important to the environment . It should be comfortable , the animal must quickly adjust to new surroundings and new people . It is better not to take the baby from the litter too early, separated from his mother , brothers and sisters. Wait for it to wean itself from the mother naturally - then bring the kitten will be much easier. Especially , many types of animal behavior lays up to three months in dealing with his mother and other kittens.

For the proper education of a kitten important mode of feeding. Encourage your cat is that it is given , otherwise he will grow finicky . Of course , by " that give" does not imply a harmful or poor-quality food . Adult cat or a cat has enough once a day. Do not feed the kitten from her plate . The fact that the animals there is a hierarchy , according to which the first eating cats with the highest status . As soon as you offer a kitten food from the table , he realizes that his rank than you, respectively, and it will behave in a businesslike way , making it difficult to raise a kitten.

By the way, the same goes for your bed. In fact, for your kitty bed - it is a symbol of power and supremacy . There's strongest focuses your scent . Once you allow your cat to lie down on your bed , you actually compare it with the rights . A squeegee it off the bed , you show who's boss . Here are just starting to do it from an early age. First, the kitten will be hard to know their place , and secondly, if an adult cat or a cat already established themselves in-law lying on the bed , and then they suddenly began to cast out them - is fraught with resentment and aggression.
Educating the kitten does not tolerate indulgences. If you have something to allow or disallow it - that is all. From an early age to teach a kitten to the tray and kittens. Accustom the cat to sharpen its claws only with special plates can be purely mechanical , taking his paws and claws to tear making . Take care not to accidentally make a kitten sick.
And you can use catnip or valerian , then the smell will attract a kitten, and he will begin to tear the claws where it should be done , and will not encroach on your furniture.

All kittens love to play for them the game - it is a way of learning about the world and testing of certain behavioral patterns. Try not to play with the kitten hands , better use special toys, rope with candy wrappers , chopsticks . Then later the kitten will not have to scratch .
If the kitten did you scratched - punish him. Of course, brute force with respect to the animal can not be used . A good method of training a kitten - a quick flick on the nose , which will enable him to understand that you can not do so .

Some kittens scratched when they are taken by hand , because they are afraid
and unusual. Teach a kitten to your hands to gradually : take him in my arms for a few seconds , and then release him to know that there is no danger . But take a little kitten in his arms to be very careful . Place one hand under the neck and chest of a kitten , and a second support him from behind. Kittens should not be taken by the scruff - you can make the kitten hurt, and it will no longer trust you . If you have at home with small children and have not yet grown up kitten , do not allow them to take the animal . They certainly will squeeze and hug him, but it would violate the digestive system.

Nurturing a kitten - not such a difficult thing if you know how to educate. A little love, a little patience , a little exposure - and you will be able to raise a kitten gentle , calm and non-aggressive .

Source : http://elit-cat.ru