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How to disaccustom a cat to mark the territory?

"How to disaccustom a cat to mark the territory? ", - this question puzzles almost each owner of a pet. To disaccustom it to do such things very simply. For a start to understand the most important, why the cat marks the territory. And also it is necessary to understand that it does it not to anger the owners or to revenge them for something. In the nature of a cat a certain instinct of protection of the territory is put. By means of the tags he as though to all other animals living in the house, lets know that it is only its territory and only it here main. In a family of cats who live in rather wild conditions, all cats from their family mark the territory not. Cats define the main cat who designates the district. And tags made kittens in cat's family can be considered as attempt to take a place of the leader of family. Therefore to disaccustom a cat to mark the territory it is necessary to prove to him that the owner in the house are you, instead of it, and respectively if the owner are you, more cat doesn't have need to mark the territory. 

How it is correct to make it? Certainly, the cat won't understand your shouts or blows a slipper. Also it is strictly forbidden to use a method "tykanye a nose" as the cat will feel the smell and will think that this its place and now it there can mark again the territory, and it it isn't necessary for us. If noticed a cat who is going to mark the territory then it is necessary to pass to resolute actions.

For a start take it for a shkirka and lift up. Generally cats draw in at once a tail to a trunk and quietly hang. If your cat and made, it very much even is good. And if your cat tries to escape from hands, try to hold him, similar procedure can take some minutes. It will be informidable if to you someone helps to hold an animal. And now you need to remember three things:

For a start remember how cats hiss before fight. Before teaching a cat be trained as your sound has to be similar to something it seems "f", "sh" or "h".

And now remember how the cat during fight fights a paw.

And now the third and, perhaps, the most important, it is necessary to become angry very strongly on a cat in order that he felt that in this case he isn't right and now it is threatened by danger. 

After you remembered these three rules, you can start re-education of a cat. For a start start hissing and be spat on a cat as it is done by him, alternate it to easy blows of fingers of hands to his muzzle as he does it during fight. Certainly, the cat will start closing eyes and to try to escape from your hands, but you shouldn't recede, and it is necessary to continue to beat off at him the right of the host. But as soon as the cat will start peeping, you can release him. And the most important, consider that if it took away from you eyes, so he understood that was wrong and thus was given to you. Whether and to check the cat gave up, fixedly look in his eyes and in any cases you don't take away from him a look.

Can occur such that similar procedure will need to be carried out several times, but believe, the result really will please you. If the cat beaten by a slipper still rather long time goes and take offense at the owner and can even mark the territory to it in the same slipper, the cat who has been brought up above in the presented way, will perceive you as something is much more important than someone more than, like the senior cat. And respectively your pet will start behaving more obediently, and won't mark any more the territory as he will know that he here not main, and the main thing in the house are you. 

Author of article: Yakimchuk Yu. V.