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Documents for the kitten

In search of "their" kitten you " came " up and down the entire Internet were on cat shows , read the ads look at the kittens ' relatives , friends, neighbors, " and so on, and t n

The option of buying a kitten to " bird market " or grandmother about the underground we do not even consider it. After all, you want to buy a healthy kitten ! All the horrors of the " Birds " and atrocities dealers written much, I will not repeat .
So you've seen hundreds of kittens and then, finally, found her !
It is about the kid and you dreamed of.

It would seem she 's happy. " Rather, give me my treasure ! " And now it turns out the juicy details - the kitten without papers . What to do? And whether they are these documents? Kitten 's just a miracle !
Let's face it.

What are the documents for the cat.
When buying a purebred kitten in a club , nursery or from a breeder you get the metric ( registration card ) issued by the club in which registered a kitten. It should be fully specified:

• the name of the animal;
• full names , titles and numbers of his parents' pedigrees ;
• kitten data (date of birth, sex, color )
• deviations from the standard ( if any are found )
• contact information of the breeder and the club, which is registered animal.

All this information must be certified by the seal of the club and signed breeder and expert. The registration card is for a kitten the same, that the " birth certificate " for the man. Later , you wish to get in the club of his pedigree ( cat's "Passport" ) .

I would especially like to draw your attention to the fact that the kitten MAY NOT BE pedigree. If you buy 2 or 3 months of your baby's ready to provide pedigree - it's FAKE ! Be alert !

Without a pedigree pet is not allowed for breeding and participation in exhibitions.

In addition to the metrics you should be given a veterinary book with notes on vaccinations made ​​this kitten . Watch for this moment. It is a guarantee of health chosen baby.

If you buy a purebred , but no documents , there should be more cautious .
Kittens are sold without documents if :

• The kitten just looks like a Brit ( Persian , Siberian, Siamese , etc.) can , in a knee and was the ancestor of relevance to this breed , and can not, and it's just a game of genes.
• Parents (or one of them) do not have documents . In this case , the kitten is mongrel and pedigree to it you can not get anywhere else .
• The kitten from the litter of unplanned breeding. These kids in the club are not registered and the accompanying documents to you as no one will.
• The kitten has a defect and culled from the litter . In this case, the pedigree you can only get after castration animal , because these animals are not allowed to breed to " evil " genes do not degrade the genetic material of the breed.

If the question of purity of breed, selected for you kitten is not essential, then throw away the doubt and take away the baby home.

But I want to give you a few tips:

• Buy only pet in a kennel , a breeder , or home of the people in the integrity of which you have no doubt . This minimizes the risk of buying a sick animal .
• Carefully inspect the most kitten , his parents ( usually you can only see my mother, but this is important ), and animal welfare .
• Be sure to show the kitten purchased a qualified veterinarian.

And one more thing. In less than a year as a " call of nature " will cause your pet , and at the same time and you forget what a good night's sleep . Your life together highly complicated. And then you will have two options restore peace in the house - it is binding , which in turn will deliver to you the problem of finding a new home for the kids ( and purebred cats are usually very fertile ), or castration .