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British Shorthair - nature of the breed.

According to its popularity quickly caught up with the British and seems to have even surpassed all the other breeds . It is not surprising . British - incredible " obayashki " and IMG_6384_a cat on " Russian taste." They are dressed in luxurious fur coat with short fur is very thick - well, just come to life teddy bears . And much of the kittens just can not look away ! All young adorable, but got britanchikam , compared with the others, the biggest dose of charm. Round-headed , glazastenkie , tolstolapenkie - simply irresistible !
The nature of the British to the name of the breed. They are calm and pooled as a true gentleman or lady. This is a very powerful animals with large round paws and long claws , but when you talk to them , it seems that they do not know what these claws can scratch the man. If you took the cat in his arms , and she wants to be free , it will not bite or scratch , and just let go in the course of their powerful muscles and out will turn the unwanted embrace. The British are very clearly recognize when in front of them small children, and even the most unsociable cats allow kids to such familiarity , which could not stand on adults . British independent , intelligent, aristocratic and unruffled calm in any situation , they nevertheless get along well with all members of the family, patiently endured childish pranks , the owner loves selflessly .
These cats are not peculiar bouts of aggression , they are very patient and if you allow yourself to somehow humiliate her feline dignity or infringe on her freedom , she can break free and run away , hiding for a long time , but did not release their powerful claws.
These cats usually do not need to educate them with good manners laid birthday . From early childhood , sitting next to her mother in lotochek , they do not deliver any hassle of housebreaking them for accuracy.
By their nature, the British easily tolerate loneliness, are therefore considered an ideal companion for the business person .
British " fatties " will create even more comfort in every family - they are not only beautiful appearance , but also calm disposition , cute character, wit , sometimes too much , and intellectual importance. This pet will be for you not only a faithful and affectionate friend, but also a sweet companion with whom you can have some fun and that will warm the soul with their presence.