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Welcome to our British Shorthair cattery!

  My name is Valentina, I am a breeder-felinologist of the British cats and the owner of the cattery Vivid Choice (formerly Golden Choice). The cattery is engaged in breeding of British Shorthair cats precious colours (gold and silvery chinchilla and chinchilla point).

  British chinchilla kittens always attract attention – they are spectacular, elegant, very beautiful. A Royal cat, which nature herself was dressed in an expensive fur coat with blue mink, silver Fox, Golden chinchilla. And all these amazing noble aristocrats possess charming eye color that will not leave anyone indifferent, not indifferent to the glitter of precious emeralds, sapphires and aquamarines!

 The character of the British cats ' fully justifies its name, is one of the virtues, and the love of owners to them knows no bounds.

 His Majesty! So personally I can describe the British, based on his own experience for many years. British dogs are distinguished by a pronounced aristocratic and very soft in nature. They absolutely do not conflict, sociable, friendly, very sweet and playful.

 British Shorthair cats are different natural health. If they are kept clean and provide them with proper nutrition, health problems should not appear.

 Our kittens from a very early age are accustomed to communicating with people, and also to all of the cat's etiquette: the tray and scratching post perfectly.

 In our cattery Vivid Choice (formerly Golden Choice) you will be able to buy a kitten with excellent pedigree data. At the kennel you can see the pedigrees of our producers, see photos of kittens and their parents to see with recommendations for care and maintenance for the British kittens, as well as lots of useful and interesting information.

 In our nursery there are KITTENS for sale. 

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